Dragonlance Dragons of Light/Dragons of War

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Dragonlance Dragons of Light/Dragons of War

Dragonlance Dragons of Light/Dragons of War

We continue to follow the "Heros of the Lance" party after they journey south, encountering and eventually defeating the White Dragonlord, the strange "Dark Elf" Feal-Thas, and his Dragon mount Terrisleetix.
They recovered one of the legendary Orbs of Dragonkind, the "Orb of Weyreth" and also a broken Dragonlance but now must travel north to the Isle of Sancrist where the forces of good are believed to be massing at Whitestone. Their ship however is probably about 350 or so years old and now they have no option but to risk sailing the western ocean in the heart of winter to get there. Flint is despondent after having to say goodbye to his pet Ice Bear and also badly seasick, Tas`s rat's destiny remains obscure. They have learned a little more about the legendary Dragonlances, The secret of their forging can be found in a place called Foghaven Vale though where that may be remains unknown.

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