Dot’s Disastrous Homebrew (5e baby!)

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Dot’s Disastrous Homebrew (5e baby!)

Dot’s Disastrous Homebrew (5e baby!)

An open ended sandbox adventure through the homebrew world I’ve been working on for the last two years supplemented by the likes of Candlekeep Mysteries, Woodfall, Sulphur Island, Out of the Abyss (im just ripping dungeons nd encounters dw, no plot points), Interesting Encounters nd whatever else i can get my grubby little goblin hands on!! There are a few main areas/realms i have developed as jumping off points for adventures, with a few incentives to travel between them and plenty of opportunity for dungeon delving, stealing sneaking, spying, ppl saving nd assorted shenanigan having in each and i have tried to acquire adventure books that fit the less content dense areas as a bit of a safety net. the adventure will open with the party nearing the end of a long and expensive carriage journey where the destination will be determined by the players. The world itself is extremely flexible so you have a great deal of freedom when it comes to character backstories (and i have a lot of freedom to incorporate those backstories into the plot). WE GOT HEISTS!!! WE GOT DIMENSION RIFT NONSENSE!!! WE GOT HOBGOBLIN PIRATE VIKINGS!!! COME ON DOWN!!!! WOTC GOT NOTHING ON THIS TRAINWRECK OF AN ADVENTURE!!! (the image is of Lucy, my mums cat! she’s a noisy little angel nd i miss her lots!)

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