Death in Space: Welcome to the Ring

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Death in Space: Welcome to the Ring

Death in Space: Welcome to the Ring

Arriving at the Iron Ring with your not-so-shiny, not-so-new hub purchase already 500 holos in debt was not what you had planned. Holo can be earned here as easily as it is lost, between black markets, legitimate ventures, and a lottery to take you far away from this wretched, dying system. With tensions high, your holo-wallet empty, and a hub in need of repairs, the Tenebris system is your oyster. Make an honest (or dishonest) living, tangle yourself in a rising faction war, or take to the stars where ever-present static sometimes sounds like whispers and rumours of sleeping leviathans haunt your dreams. Death in Space is a game about adventure and the uncertainties of space. Faction wars boil over as old hatreds surface. Tensions rise as a dying system struggles to support the people within it. Strange cults worship stranger ideals, while the void whispers to the unlucky, and rumours of awakening leviathans on the edge of space are bushed off as crazed ramblings. You play characters trying to survive in an abandoned, collapsing frontier system where resources are scarce, competition is high and failure is deadly. Death in Space: Welcome to the Ring is suitable for players who are new to tabletop role playing. It uses the Death in Space system by Stockholm Kartell, published by Free League. Things you need to know: - Character creation will be covered in the first session, along with safety tools, and lines and veils. Character sheets will be provided by the GM. - There's no need to learn the system beforehand, we'll cover all the rules as we play. - All you need is a set of standard polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20), a pencil, and something to take notes with. If you don't have dice, some will be available. - The game is sci-fi based and will play on tropes of that genre. This Death in Space game is not glossy, shiny high-tech sci-fi (like Star Trek), and is closer to cassette futurism and industrial sci-fi. For a good idea of tone, check out the Belter stations in the tv show The Expanse.

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