Deadlands: Weird West

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Deadlands: Weird West

Deadlands: Weird West

Welcome to the Weird West, where legends are made and monsters are real. Whether you are gun-wielding duellist: a hex-slinging huckster; or a mad-scientist experimenting with forces unknown, the Weird West is a strange and dangerous place. Your posse is in a whole heap o' trouble, can you escape the law, figure out what is going on, and foil a sinister plot?

Deadlands is a multi-genre game that blends the classic Western with elements of Lovecraftian horror and steampunk science. It is set in an parallel version of America where history has diverged from ours since "The Reckoning" an arcane event in the mid 19th Century.
Deadlands is based on the Savage Worlds adventure edition system (SWADE) and uses a d20 dice pool. Magic users (Hucksters) additionally need a standard deck of playing cards.

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