D&D5e: Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

Game Summary
D&D5e: Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

D&D5e: Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

Three factions seem to be dominating for control of the local council. But these efforts seem to be hampered by the rise in attacks on trading ships in the vicinity. Nobody seems to be able to provode any answers, or any solutions to the problem. They are now looking for outside help. There have been advertisements in the closest city of Luskan for adventurers to look into the matter. One such group(yourselves), has answered this call to aid, and travelled to Salymarsh to see if they can help. They are currently sitting in one of the local taverns 'The Empty Net' planning their next move, whilst an old man in the corner is ranting and telling stories to anybody who will listen, when suddenly his story takes a darker turn...

Content Warnings :

Human Sacrifice, Kidnapping, Politics, phobias(drowning, claustrophobia)

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