D&D Strixhaven Year 3

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D&D Strixhaven Year 3

D&D Strixhaven Year 3

Welcome students to year 3 of your time at Strixhaven University! 

This year your main event will be the glittering and magical Magister's Masquerade where you invited to attend in your best finery and masks for an unforgettable night. Whilst not preparing for this once in a lifetime event, you will be busy with new classes, extra-curricular clubs and a chance to meet and develop or deepen your relationships with other students on campus in either positive or negative ways. 

Of course, you still know that the presence of the mage Murgaxor is still a threatening presence to Strixhaven and all that you hold dear in this university. In addition, you are now known to the powerful secret society known as the Oriq...and their eyes are still on you. Can you work out how to stop Murgaxor and the Oriq? Or will your 3rd year at university be your last? 

Strixhaven is a social heavy game where you will be able to grow and build relationships (romantic or not, let me know what you're comfortable with!), discover deadly conspiracies and most importantly have fun! If you are new to joining this campaign I will let you get up to date with what has gone on in the previous 2 years so don't worry if you've never played this campaign before! 

You will start at level 6. Please create a character with some kind of ability or aptitude to cast magic. No homebrew creations allowed, but any kind of race or suitable class from official content is good with me. No obvious triggers are featured in this game but as always, should anything come up that makes you uncomfortable please let me know and I will remove it from the game.

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