D&D: Quest for White Plume Mountain

Game Summary
D&D: Quest for White Plume Mountain

D&D: Quest for White Plume Mountain

The sands of the Crucible arena are stained with the blood of many brave souls. Who knows how you got there, a prisoner of war, a condemned criminal, desperation, retribution or seeking the promise of glory? Somehow you caught the eye of the notorious game master, who offers you a way out of the arena. A quest to find the lost treasures of White Plume Mountain. 

White Plume Mountain is a D&D 5e module, that runs very much like an old school dungeon crawl, filled with monsters, traps, puzzles and even super tetanus.
With a vibe combining action, comedy, some horror and not a little peril, White Plume Mountain is a great module. It has a focus on combat and exploration, with the promise of legendary treasure for those who survive its challenges.
Starting at level 7, and expecting to reach at least level 10. Welcome to all player levels, including beginners. We will start with a session 0 and introduction before diving into the mountain.

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