D&D 5e – Waterdeep Incorporated (Part 2)

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D&D 5e – Waterdeep Incorporated (Part 2)

D&D 5e – Waterdeep Incorporated (Part 2)

"The members of the newest branch of Acquisitions Incorporated - Waterdeep Branch have succeeded with their first hire and have recently received the keys for their base of operations - Trollskull Manor.  From here they can strike out and aim for wealth (profits) and fame (or infamy). The run-down manor can be used as a base of operations or can be built up to generate additional income, support and maybe even adventures. 
Will the adventurers feel the pressure of the 5,000 gold piece loan which they have each committed to pay off?  Are there additional incentives to paying this off in this life or the next?"

This is a continuation of a 'mash up' of Waterdeep Dragon Heist & Acquisitions Incorporated.

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