D&D 5e – The Veil Of Everreach

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D&D 5e – The Veil Of Everreach

D&D 5e – The Veil Of Everreach

Welcome to the realm of Everreach! A place where the veil between the material plane and the many others that make up the cosmos has been forever altered.

From the sprawling metropolis of Haven City which serves as the regions capital, to the wastelands of the desert that dominates the Southern landscape, to the unforgiving mountains of the frigid North, to the Wyrdwood and Magicka mountains of the East and the plains of the West, the influence of a mysterious group known as The Convergence is growing and tales of monsters, mayhem and portals to planes hitherto unexplored ripping open from nowhere and tearing entire communities asunder, are spreading fear throughout the region.

So where do you fit into all this? That is, largely, up to you! Taking a small job as protection for a refugee caravan making for the continents capital of Haven City, with the only payment the promise of warmth, food, and safety in numbers, you find yourself trundling slowly towards the small settlement of Sandover Village. How did you come to end up here? Were you an exploring Druid out from the Wyrdwood drawn into the problems of the outside world? Perhaps you’re a paladin looking to return home to Haven after a long campaign defending the defenceless from the horrors unfolding? Or a wandering wizard from Annaria University desperate to harness this strange planar magic for yourself? Or maybe you’re a down and out looking for a way into the biggest and safest city in Everreach at a time where being outside couldn’t be more dangerous?

Ideally we will all get to know your character as the game unfolds, but we’ll spend a session 0 sorting out your origins and motivations for making your way to Haven City. We will be starting at level 5 so your characters will have seen some combat and know a little about what is unfolding around Everreach and the dangers that lurk there.

We can discuss what your character has been up to and why they have ended up with the refugee caravan at session 0 - you’ll also be sent a map so that you can choose somewhere you’d like to be from - or if you don’t see somewhere you like, make one up and we can add it in. Whether you come with a concept or a complete character, we’ll work together to weave it into the world.

We’ll be using D&D 5th Edition. House rules will be covered at session 0. Homebrewed creatures and magic items aplenty, if you’re into what will hopefully be a good story with plenty of memorable monsters and NPC’s to interact with, you’ll be in for a good time!

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