D&D 5e – Shadow Under Hardflint Hall (New player friendly)

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D&D 5e – Shadow Under Hardflint Hall (New player friendly)

D&D 5e – Shadow Under Hardflint Hall (New player friendly)

Welcome to the town of Sharpstone and the Flint and Steel Inn. Locals and adventurers alike enjoy the nightly music of minstrels while they down ales and wines. The food is great. The prices are fair and the atmosphere cheerful. 

All great adventures seem to begin at an inn. Surely, nothing is going to come and rudely interrupt your merriment? 

Shadow Under Hardflint Hall is an introductory adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It is perfect for new and returning players alike. 

If you have never played D&D before and would like to give it a try, no problem! We will come up with a character together and the rules will be explained as we play. 

Session 1 will be spent creating characters and discussing expectations for the game ahead. I want to try and make sure we all find what we are looking for in the game and have a good time. From session 2 onwards, the adventure is on! 

The scenario is a fast-paced, action-packed mixture of combat, exploration and roleplay. 

Come to Sharpstone for the fine food and ale. Stay for the mystery of Hardflint Hall. What is it? Where is it? Come and find out!


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