D&D 5e – A simple investigation (New player designed)

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D&D 5e – A simple investigation (New player designed)

D&D 5e – A simple investigation (New player designed)

This short 6-week mini campaign will be aimed at those who might not have played D&D 5e before, are returning after a long while, or want to see how the RPHaven works and were a bit nervous about jumping into a game and committing for a long period.  Initially we’ll be going slow so that you can all get up-to-speed building and playing your characters and learning the basics of the rules (spoiler, no one remembers all the rules all the time).


Mixing a bit of Homebrew and Adventurers league modules, I’m aiming to cover all the basics of roleplay; from investigation and exploring the world, beating up people and taking their stuff, solving puzzles stolen from a 90's point and click adventures, terrible terrible jokes, social interaction and unsustainable accents....


As a DM I try to reward inventive or interesting play in game, we’re building a story together that should be interesting to everyone round the table. There’s a variety of things to do in an RPG and some of the most memorable moments can come outside of combat, so that’s worth while thinking about when creating a character. If you’ve never made a character in D&D 5e before or want someone to look it over, we’ll allow time to do this on the first session too. A big tip that helps me is to think about how you could describe your character without naming their class or abilities, are they happy, curious, cautious or headstrong. Give them some flaws, like being afraid of heights or distrusting anyone who dresses too fancy.


I’d like to discourage player vs player conflict, FenMire can be a dangerous town, you’ll need to stick together to survive, it’s a team game after all! It’s always worth thinking about why your character is working with the other players characters and why should the other characters keep working with them too.


The campaign and story will be set in the small town of FenMire, a settlement constantly fighting not to slide into the swamps and fens that surround it.  Your character may be a local or an out-of-towner who was here for the market festival which occurred last night. Fenmire's principal export is tanned leather goods (crocodile skins), so you could be a nature lover protesting the animal harm, or someone who really really wants new shiny boots at discount prices. Whether it was the strange local ales or a taking the wrong turn in the night, you didn't make it back to your lodgings, and find yourself in a dark, dank place, stripped of your valuables, weapons and in imminent danger! Fortunately you're not alone, but can you and your newfound companions, get out, get help and get to the bottom of what interconnected mystery you have fallen victim to…

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