Dark and Lonely Waters – A Call of Cthulhu Scenario on the Estates of Britain

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Dark and Lonely Waters – A Call of Cthulhu Scenario on the Estates of Britain

Dark and Lonely Waters – A Call of Cthulhu Scenario on the Estates of Britain

Carousel Farm - or The Carrie to those in the know. An isolated Council Estate in North West England cut off from the city.  The Carrie was flung up in the 50's to solve the post-war housing crisis. Like many new-towns, it was built quickly and cheaply, and lacked much of the infrastructure that you might expect of a town. Two things about Carousel Farm make it stand out though:

  1. Carousel Farm borders The Bentford Estate. Rather than being another council estate, this is an enormous mass of land owned by one Lord Cyril Bentford. It is walled off to the wider city, and off limits to anyone. As with many estates of the landed gentry, its gates are closed and opened only for expected visitors. Thus, the area contains one of the richest, and poorest areas of England side by side.
  2. Carousel Farm was the site of three drownings in 1977. All three drowned in a lake within the Bentford Estate. Causes of death were ruled as accidental. Stupid teenagers messing about where they shouldn't. But the parents of the Carousel Estate have never forgotten, and the disdain between the two areas is tense to this day.

9 years later, people still remember the three kids who died on the other side of the wall. And with the disapearance of Harlow Mulaney - Lord Bentfords personal assistant... The residents of The Carrie are becoming concerned that something strange is going on in Bentford Estate...

Dark And Lonely Waters is set in 1986, on a fictional Council Estate called Carousel Farm. It uses the Call of Cthulu rules and will be 100% new player friendly. We will use pre-generated characters that come with the scenario.

Dark And Lonely Waters is primarily a horror game and as such, contains themes and ideas that may well be triggering to some people. The horror in this scenario is not designed to be edgy, or gratuitous for the sake of it. It is intended to explore the complexities and realities of growing up on a council estate in the 80's, albeit in a fantastical way. Content warnings are below. We will be avoiding X Cards. 

As tends to be standard with Call of Cthulhu, players can expect the game to be more investigative and less combat orientated... although there will be plenty of chance for a scrap. I forsee the scenario taking between 4-6 sessions

Content Warnings:
Substance Use
Mental Illness
Descriptions of Violence
Emotional Abuse

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