Dad’s Army VS Cthulhu

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Dad’s Army VS Cthulhu

Dad’s Army VS Cthulhu

In the year 1942, the intense battle with Hitler's army had reached a critical point, and you found yourself at the forefront of Britain's defenses. As a member of the Home Guard, known as Dad's Army, you are tasked with protecting the nation from the relentless advance of the Nazis. Every able person capable of wielding a weapon had been mobilized to safeguard the coastlines of Great Britain, and you were no exception.... despite your age and condition! Your deployment led you to a quaint village nestled outside Dover in the county of Kent, where you received orders from the distinguished Captain Mainwaring. Your duty was crystal clear: hold the line and prevent the enemy from breaching our defenses... after your afternoon snooze!

In a tongue-in-cheek, one-shot style game, players take on the roles of characters aged 60 and above, bravely facing overwhelming odds to prevent an evil entity from crossing the English Channel. The game will make use of the Eden Unisystem game system. The game will use pre-gen characters, all with their own motives/objectives.

Double XP for anyone who punches a Nazi in the face!

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