Cy_Borg: NooFutra

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Cy_Borg: NooFutra

Cy_Borg: NooFutra

Megacities and megaplexes populated by swarms of gene-registered humans drowning in a tailored flood of targeted echo-chamber media. A nightmare granulation of technology and bio-subscription services operating within terminal stage capitalism. A violent coexistence of the oppressive technological and the invasive supernatural. 


Poisonous space rocks, nuclear weapons, cyclical revolutions, warring nations, warring corporations, warring neighbors; pandemics, tsunamis, volcanoes. In between it all: direct person-machine interfaces, tactical neural implants, and bacteria from outer space hijacking intercellular nanorobotics. And the sky is full of ads.

Everyone is interfaced/injected/infected/infested with something. Everyone wants something from everyone else. Everyone is a liar and a cheat. Everyone wants more creds.

Welcome to the year 20X3.

Welcome to the City of Y!̸͆̅̌”̶͌̉#̸͇̞̻̌̚”̶̨̻̘̇̉̊͆̈́͒̌̆̓̕͜#̶̖̣̘̻͖̥͕̙̀̃̈́́̄̕̕͜͠2̶̧̻̺̝̥̮̣̒͒̂͐͐̍́́͘̕̕4̴̿̌’̷̛̙͍̠̙̿


For this game we'll be playing Cy_Borg and using elements from the NooFutra setting zine. As your band of Mercs fight to survive in the city, either for themselves or for what the future should have been instead.

CY_BORG is a complete rules-light, rage-heavy tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG.

NooFutra is a setting hack for Mothership. A meshed world of modernized cyberpunk and traditional fantasy,  where megastructures built from artificial meat risk possession from malevolent spirits, underground nests are built by burrowing feral infrastructure, and alleyways are prowled by graffiti gargoyles and dumpster mimics. 

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