Curse of Strahd – DnD 5e – Sunday Game

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Curse of Strahd – DnD 5e – Sunday Game

Curse of Strahd – DnD 5e – Sunday Game

A not so warm welcome to the misty valley of Barovia! Here you will find an adventure fraught with peril as you and your party must work together to survive against the machinations of an ancient terror, the Vampire Lord Strahd von Zarovich.

This is a new campaign, starting at level 1, jumping right into the mists of Barovia, and discovering all it's challenges and secrets. Will you as a party be able to discover the locations of important artifacts and recruit powerful allies to hopefully defeat Strahd, or will you fall prey to his evil plots and become another mere thrall in his eternal servitude?

Content Warnings :

Child death, blood, gore, cannibalism, murder, terror

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