Curse of Strahd – D&D5e – Tuesday Game

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Curse of Strahd – D&D5e – Tuesday Game

Curse of Strahd – D&D5e – Tuesday Game

You are drawn into the dark world of Barovia, a land haunted by a cunning vampire only referred to as the Beast in the Night by locals. You are locked in on all sides of this desolate country by a cursed mist which offers no escape. Your goal is to survive and escape, whether by killing Strahd or perhaps by other, more nefarious means?

This is a continuing campaign, with the players currently at level 5.
After meeting Strahd they are now tasked with killing Baba Lysaga in an act of revenge.
Who will win, the party or the ancient witch…?

Content Warnings :

Child death, blood, gore, cannibalism, murder

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