Cthulhu – A Time to Harvest

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Cthulhu – A Time to Harvest

Cthulhu – A Time to Harvest

A Time to Harvest puts players, or “investigators”, in the role of college students enrolled in the prestigious Miskatonic University located in the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts. 
- The expedition to Vermont had many twists and turns, and uncovered much but left lots unsolved.
- Back at the University things took a turn for the worse and forces worked against you.
- You've now met a serious Benefactor, who wants you to head back to Vermont and continue what was first started. 


WARNING: This is a game of Cthulhu, and as such, does deal with mature and adult themes.

  • Parts of A Time to Harvest deal with “romantic” obsession; there is also the possibility of romantic relationships developing between NPCs and investigators, or even between the investigators themselves. Depending on past experiences outside the game, some players may not feel comfortable with the idea of roleplaying romantic scenes with each other.
  • Another topic which may come to the fore is the use of children as killers, and how the players as their investigators are prepared to deal with them. 

Discuss with your Keeper so we can come to a consensus on how to accomodate within the game. Remember, this is a fictional game, and the intention is for everyone to enjoy the experience. Some players will be hardened “gore hounds,” while others will prefer a far less “in your face” style of game.  As Keeper, I can and will make changes to the campaign to accomodate known triggers, or to close a scene or gloss over it if I become aware of a players needs.

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