Conan: Sands of Lies

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Conan: Sands of Lies

Conan: Sands of Lies

This is the second and final part of "Conan: Sands of Lies."
A small group that some say were hired mercenaries, while others call them liberators, dethroned the fanatic High Preist of Set 'Am-Soul' but when the sand and dust settled on the war-torn city, more questions arose that needed answers. The Mine, where hundreds of enslaved people perished, many still missing, many continue with blood-stained hands to mine the brim salts... Why is this still in operation?

Using the Mongoose version of Conan, which uses the 3.5 DnD system, you will be playing a small group who saved the city from my previous campaign called "Set Will". You will have the option for a new character for new players, set at level 3 or if you played before(?), you can continue with your current character.

Content Warnings :

This game does have contents around slavery and strong language will often be used. Some NPC will also be sexist towards other females characters.

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