Shackled City

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Shackled City

Shackled City

A new campaign made up of a series of adventures using Shackled City (2005  D&D Adventure Path) set in Primeval Thule (Sasquatch Games) 2018.  All character classes and options are available from 5e but some may be reskinned to fit the campaign.  The world is human dominated but the party can be various humanoids such as Atlanteans, dark elves, jungle goblins and a variety of Beastmen. The game will not use alignment but uses player background, loyalties and enmities. The game will include city encounters, dungeon crawling, role play, regular combat. There will be references to slavery (like Ancient Rome) and some descriptions of entities from beyond and blood thirsty combat.  Mainly theatre of mind but miniatures used for combat. The game starts at level 1 quickly ascending to level 3 then characters continue ascending up to level 5 before the end of the first quarter. Options to continue into next quarter are available. I am an experienced DM, my aim primarily is for us to have fun, humour is part of that.  I enjoy building a dynamic world and players are encouraged to join in with that. Combat is challenging nor adversarial. The play style equal amounts
gritty and pulpy. 


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