Chains of Asmodeus #OLD – D&D 5e – Tuesday Game

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Chains of Asmodeus #OLD – D&D 5e – Tuesday Game

Chains of Asmodeus #OLD – D&D 5e – Tuesday Game

In the depths of Nessus, I sit upon my throne, watching the Great Wheel turn. Every soul, every heartbeat, every fleeting thought is like a delicate note in the symphony of existence. But oh, there is one sensation, one exquisite pleasure that eclipses all others: the corruption of a pure soul. Can you imagine? That moment when innocence fractures, when a soul’s core becomes tainted with the intoxicating taste of sin? That delectable descent into the dark? Many view me as a creature of sheer malevolence, but they fail to understand. It’s not about the pain, the torment, or the eternal damnation. It’s about the seduction. The transformation.

I invite you, brave adventurers, to try and resist my allure. But remember, every choice you make, I will be watching. Waiting. Because there is no pleasure greater, no triumph more profound, than turning the most steadfast and noble of souls into my devoted, corrupted playthings.

This game is a continuation and is the second quarter in which it is run. Players are level 11 currently.

Pierce the Nine Hells to reclaim the soul of your loved one - or your own soul - in an adventure that will take characters from level 10 to level 20. Challenge the Supreme Overlord of the Hells for the rightful claim to your wayward souls - or fall to temptation, and accept power beyond your wildest dreams...

New players are welcome, but it is recommended to read over the mechanics and abilities of your characters beforehand (DNDBeyond is a good resource to begin with).

Content Warnings :
Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal)
The story contains references to the suffering and torture of those souls who are damned to an eternity of torment because of their sins.

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