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D&D 5E: The Mines of Bloodstone

D&D 5E: The Mines of Bloodstone

Monday, 09 Jan 23 - Monday, 30 Dec 2419:00-23:0066 On-Line Branch: Roll20 Adriano G Online BranchSaturday, 14 Jan 23

A cold and bitter winter drives the villagers to the edge of starvation, and numerous horrors strike the town of Bloodstone Pass. Join the adventure as the heroes explore the depths of the ancient bloodstone mines, now inhabited by fearsome demons. There they hope to un...

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Games operate over a period of 3 months, which gives four quarters of the year; Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. A typical Gaming Quarter will usually have 12 game sessions. Most games will run for a full quarter, others games will run for half a quarter (6 games), followed by another game – making a full quarter. Further details can be found here

Playing Online and Discord

Most of our games operate from our Discord server for On-Line Branch. However, some games may run on other platforms such as Roll 20, etc, See venue for details.

Channels for games will be automatically generated on Discord by the volunteers once games are approved and deleted when finished. You find this under “On-Line Branch Games”.

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Whats a GM?

A GM (Games Master) is a person who acts as an organizer and will narrate the adventure.


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