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Shadowrun: Backroom Deals

Shadowrun: Backroom Deals

Tuesday, 11 Jan 22 - Tuesday, 28 Jun 2219:00-22:00523 On-Line Branch: Foundry Virtual Tabletop Sanchit On-Line Branch

Post Created 18:04 12/30/75 by friendlylocalchummer Hey chummers! Found this through a friend. Normally ICM don’t hire external folk, but it looks like they need runners bad. Maybe some of you lot would be interested in the cushy life of a suit? Just don’t f...

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Most of our games operate from our Discord server for On-Line Branch. However, some games may run on other platforms such as Roll 20, etc, See venue for details.

Channels for games will be automatically generated on Discord by the volunteers once games are approved and deleted when finished. You find this under “On-Line Branch Games”.

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Game Session Token (GST) are NOT required for any games on the On-Line Branch.

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