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GM : David Jones

D&D 5e – ‘Storm King’s Thunder’

D&D 5e – ‘Storm King’s Thunder’

Wednesday, 28 Jun 23 - Wednesday, 27 Mar 2419:00-19:0066 Badger Badger – Lewisham David Jones Lewisham BranchWednesday, 21 Jun 23

Following the efforts of a party of protagonist adventurers Parnast was saved, but the Giant menace was not just limited to their simple trade town on the edge of the great Anauroch Desert. Our adventurers must now step out into the wider world and piece together the St...

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GM : Sean F. Smith

Quarrel + Fable

Quarrel + Fable

Wednesday, 10 Jan 24 - Wednesday, 27 Mar 2419:00-22:00413 Badger Badger – Lewisham Sean F. Smith Lewisham BranchThursday, 30 Nov 23 12:00:PM

Yet even before Crowe's Feat was founded, a vast arch existed in the mountains, yawning into the sky like the jaws of some colossal whale.

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GM : ben naylor

Shackled City

Shackled City

Wednesday, 10 Jan 24 - Wednesday, 27 Mar 2419:00-18:00624 Badger Badger – Lewisham ben naylor Lewisham BranchThursday, 30 Nov 23 12:00:PM

A series of adventures set in the city of Cauldron, set in an extinct volcano in the sheeting of Primeval Thule.  A world of swords and sorcery-  The Katagian Empire, the remnant of Atlantis is decadent and cruel, it is located in a continent dominated by  jungles,...

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