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These Four Walls (Homebrew 5e)

These Four Walls (Homebrew 5e)

Tuesday, 12 Apr 22 - Tuesday, 28 Jun 2219:00-22:0055 Geek Retreat – Archway Jamie-Lee Reynolds Archway BranchWednesday, 06 Apr 22

Welcome to the city of Verus! The Holy City of Verus stands central in the continent, no extreme heat or extreme cold. Only extreme beliefs. In Verus, It is illegal to practice magic without a permit and only roughly 10% of the populace are qualified for one. If you are...

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Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop

Tuesday, 12 Apr 22 - Tuesday, 28 Jun 2219:00-22:0055 Geek Retreat – Archway Michael Kamine Archway BranchWednesday, 06 Apr 22

You are a group of School Kids, aged 11-15 years old, living in an English Seaside Town in 1984. Everyday life is full of nagging parents, never-ending homework, and classmates bullying and being bullied. The nearby Loop, a huge underground particle accelerator, has sta...

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