Candlekeep Mysteries – D&D 5th Edition

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Candlekeep Mysteries – D&D 5th Edition

Candlekeep Mysteries – D&D 5th Edition

Before you stands Candlekeep, an assemblage of towers and spires enclosed by colossal stone walls. Held within is a vast library containing the largest repository of written lore in Faerûn, from famed ancient tomes to old family recipes.

A community of scholars, the Avowed, oversee the safekeeping and running of the library, and passing through are many seekers of knowledge from all corners of the land. You join them here, stood before the wrought iron gates of this impressive citadel.

Perhaps you have ventured here to research a long forgotten encantation, study the journals of your personal hero, or uncover the documents that will expose corruption in your home town. Whatever your purpose, there is plenty of adventure and intrigue to be found within the walls of Candlekeep.

Your party will start at Level 1, gaining a level every 1-2 weeks, and so this will be a fairly beginner friendly adventure. Faerûn is a classic high fantasy setting and there is opportunity for a mix of roleplay, puzzles and combat, or to take the stories in a more roleplay heavy direction.

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