Candlekeep – a DnD 5e campaign

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Candlekeep – a DnD 5e campaign

Candlekeep – a DnD 5e campaign

Standing atop a rocky crag overlooking the Sea of Swords, the massive citadel of Candlekeep has endured the elements for centuries and defied the degradations of time. Within its walls lies a cloistered community of scholars - and the largest repository of written lore in Faerun. No mere library, Candlekeep is at once both a source and the answer to mysteries both ancient and modern. Great is the prestige of working in any capacity for Candlekeep’s Keeper of Tomes. So when you are approached to accept a contract to join the Keeper’s staff for a year to act as one of the Hands of the Keeper, your interest is immediate ...
Series of loosely linked adventures, starting from level 4. New player friendly.

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