Blades in the Dark – The Sterngate Crew

Game Summary
Blades in the Dark – The Sterngate Crew

Blades in the Dark – The Sterngate Crew

1,000 years after the catastrophe shattered the sun, the players are members of the Sterngate crew, a criminal crew in the industrial city of Duskvol.  Here the dead do not pass on to the other side un-aided and it is only by hunting the whale sized demons called leviathans for their blood that civilisation persists.

This is the story of how their organisation grew from obscurity, to notoriety as they climbed the criminal underworld. Will this be done through violence?  Alliances?  Trade?  Betrayal and Thievery?  And how will the other citizens of Duskvol feel about this?  We will be finding out over the course of the quarter.

Content Warnings :

PCs are all criminals

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