Blades in the Dark – BitD – Tuesday Game

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Blades in the Dark – BitD – Tuesday Game

Blades in the Dark – BitD – Tuesday Game

Peaky Blinders meets Crimson Peak in the streets of Doskvol, a city drowning in crime & darkness, choked with ghosts & smog, & straining beneath the weight of industry & the wealthy elite. This city is short on heroes but rich in folk like you: scoundrels who’ve learned that the only way to get ahead is to work together, outside of the system.

Choose your criminal specialty, build your crew and pull heists using a streamlined d6  system which skips laborious planning by using flashbacks to reveal that, no matter what happens, this was your plan all along...

Narrative and player-driven, fast-paced & beginner friendly (all you need are some dice), Blades is perfect for fans of Lies of Locke Lamora, Dishonoured, Penny Dreadful, Gangs of New York, & Taboo.As this game contains some horror elements, we'll use safety tools to ensure everyone at the table is comfortable with the content.

N.B. I'll be away from 26th Sept-4th Oct, so we'll have a Session Zero on 19th Sept & then pick back up on 10th Oct. We'll then play weekly until the 24th Oct, at which point we'll check in to see if people want to keep on playing for the rest of the quarter.

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