Black Sanction Infinity RPG

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Black Sanction Infinity RPG

Black Sanction Infinity RPG

In a switch from the norm of Infinity RPG where the majority of characters represent one of the main factions, Black Sanction focuses on the grimier side of the Human Sphere: the life of the professional mercenary, often euphemised as a "Contractor" - at least, to their face. There are two main ways to hire contractors: the War Market, a large scale (and perfectly legal) marketplace where corporations and hyper powers can attain the unique capabilities of infamous free companies such as Druze Bayram Security or Kaplan Tactical Services.

For many Contractors, being retained by some of the big operators doesn't suit, or the pay doesn't match the notoriety. Instead, they turn to the Lists, a much more underground way to hire a very specific skillset, with fewer questions. Of the jobs listed on either, the ones colloquially referred to as a black sanction have the most notorious reputation: almost always illegal, even if couched in vague terms, highly paid, and often extremely dangeorous - sometimes due to the employer as much as the job. The Work is almost always wet. And the chance of disavowment, lack of extraction, and even prosecution are high - but then, you didn't leave your old life behind because of an overabundance of caution and conscience, did you?

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