Avatar Legends – Tales From Ba Sing Se

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Avatar Legends – Tales From Ba Sing Se

Avatar Legends – Tales From Ba Sing Se

Your characters will be a band of young heroes fighting to maintain balance in the Four Nations, and at the same time, wrestling to maintain balance with themselves and the principles that drive them. Legends is a fiction-first system, with less emphasis on rolling the biggest numbers and more on creating the most compelling narrative for you and your team. For example, while there’s plenty of bending and boomerang-slinging to be done, attacking somebody’s ideals to throw them off balance is just as good for defeating them as attacking their face with a giant rock.

Our game will be set roughly 400 years before the show begins, which means the Airbenders haven’t been Oopsied out of existence (and can be played as). The world as a whole is at peace, but rogues and bandits roam across the nations, and governmental corruption threatens to upset its balance. Avatar Kyoshi is at the reigns, but the world is a big place and she’s just one woman. When she can’t be around to save the day, hopefully your crew can be, starting in the Earth Kingdom Capital of Ba Sing Se. Bring notetaking tools and 2D6 and we’ll handle the rest as we go.

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