Auroboros – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

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Auroboros – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Auroboros – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Travelling beyond the reach of Lawbrand's Trade City network, a small-time group of adventurers, in the employ of the shadowy Draconis Malisath, are travelling to the heart of the deserts of Tanaroch in search of missing agents and a mysterious source of power that has allegedly created a paradise-like oasis from nowhere.

Unbeknown to the group, the great World Serpent's power lies within reach, and fate would have it proffered to them - all they would need to do is ensure the very essence of their being does not unravel with the raw power it could potentially unleash...

New players are welcome! We are currently at level 7.

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