Apocalypse World

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Apocalypse World

Apocalypse World

Apocalypse World is a narrative-focused roleplaying game in which you play a group of sexy, badass mother******s struggling to survive in the face of raiders, strange mutant creatures and the ever-present Psychic Maelstrom(tm).

We'll create the world together in the first session, building your characters and filling in the blanks of what's around you, and the game leans heavily on roleplaying and collaborative storytelling.

In the world after the fall, there are some very adult themes. We'll use safety tools set out in the first session to navigate this but expect sex and violence to be fairly prominent.

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
Combat is violent and short, the playbooks each feature a signature 'sex' move that is not essential to use but adds to the game. We'll fade to black for sex scenes and if anyone has particular topics they'd like to avoid we can respect that.

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