Alien: Worship the Dark

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Alien: Worship the Dark

Alien: Worship the Dark

You are space truckers, just like the crew of the Nostromo. Tasked with a delivery to a colony, you soon uncover truths that you might wish had remained buried.

Your adventure from that point might lead you to a prison colony, to a frontier town in a contested area of the galaxy, a xenoarchaeological goldmine, or to a wooden space station inhabited by monks who hate technology, run by an Android abbot. And throughout, you will never shake the idea that something is watching you.

This is much more Alien than Aliens: generally it will be more focused on investigation and role playing than combat and blasting xenomorphs. Combat will come up, but sometimes your best option will be to avoid it and run as far and as fast as you can. At least one character death is highly likely: if the xenomorph attacks, it can kill a character in one turn, just like in the movies. Failure in tasks is more common than D&D: you are regular Joes, not heroes, and the stress mechanic means that the more stress your character is under, the more likely it is that you will fail a task or panic and do something unwise.

The core of the game system is very easy to learn and new players are especially welcome.

Content Warnings :

Gaslighting, body horror, violence to animals, parasites.

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