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Alien RPG

Now that we’ve moved to Big Red, everyone can hear you scream! Alien RPG is the perfect game for players with a busy life, commitment issues, and a short attention span. Game sessions tend to be a tense game of cat and mouse, in which you’re the mouse and the cat is 7 feet tall, has a taste for human brains, and splashes you with corrosive blood when you hit it.

I will run a series of interconnected cinematic scenarios. Casual players can enjoy a fun evening with an award-winning RPG, with an easy system, great atmosphere, and lots of slobbering xenomorphs. Regular players will move through a complete sci-fi universe, fighting alien horrors and unravelling an intricate conspiracy. Besides Aliens, you will face corporate spies, superhuman androids with hidden agendas, and enemy soldiers armed to the teeth.

The first cinematic scenario, “Chariot of the Gods,” starts from the most classic premise in the Alien universe: a star freighter intercepts a distress signal in the middle of deep space. Weyland-Yutani, the corporation for which you all work, orders your ship to investigate. The signal appears to come from a derelict starship, believed lost years ago. What could it possibly contain??

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Violence, body horror, oppressive physical spaces, dystopian setting

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