Alien: Just Another Job

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Alien: Just Another Job

Alien: Just Another Job

Alien Role Playing Game is a HORROR game. (You are likely to lose a character or two). Life was awful and you needed to make some dollars. So you decided to head out to help the corporations terraform and salvage out in the depths of space to earn your fortune. A few cycles later and you are still working, some enjoyment in the lack of responsibility and at times hating that you are still doing this. You are based on the NOVGOROD station where work is scarce and you will do anything to keep the money coming in and no job is too small.  In your downtime, you can either spend it in one of the mess halls making a mess.  Having everyone stuck in a space station can get a little fractious and remember in space no one can hear you scream  Alien: Just another job is suitable for any player who is either experienced or new to role-playing.  Alien is published by Free League and uses a D6 system. We will be following a campaign setting, not the cinematic one.  Things you need to know: - Character creation will be covered in the first session, along with safety tools, and lines and veils. The GM will provide character sheets. - There's no need to learn the system beforehand, we'll cover all the rules as we play. - All you need is some D6 (I have some alien dice too) a pencil, and something to take notes with. If you don't have dice, some will be available. - The game is sci-fi based and will play on tropes of that genre. Alien is a Horror game please be aware of that beforehand.  There will be elements of death but will be in line with the franchise.  Check out the movies Alien or Aliens for a good idea of the tone.

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