5e Homebrew – The Battle of Shroom Pass

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5e Homebrew – The Battle of Shroom Pass

5e Homebrew – The Battle of Shroom Pass

After taking on a quest to help an old lady with her vandalised gnome problem, our adventurers suddenly find themselves transported to the land of Shroom Pass.

Trapped, the adventurers must find a way to escape back to their homeland. However, what at first may seem like a simple task will be plagued with difficulty and they may find that the only the allies they make along the way are their only means of escape.

Once a peaceful land, Shroom Pass finds itself in a state of change as new evils begin to bubble to the surface. How they do this is entirely up to the players but one thing is certain - The choices they make here are sure to change these lands forever.

This homebrew campaign will focus on character development as a means of driving the narrative. Whilst the underlying plot will move naturally a focus will also be payed on character backstories and actions.

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