Finance Director

We need your help. We’re looking for volunteers to helping strengthen the RP Haven

A little about us

The Role Play Haven CIC is a fast-growing Community Interested Company. We have 5 tabletop gaming branches around the UK with further plans to create more venues for gamers to play games. Each Branch raises money for their chosen local charity by attending the club and taking part in other events during the year – all they do is rolling dice! We also have plans for new projects to help local communities, using role-playing games as the tool to help improve people with learning difficulties; bullying and social skills.

We currently have 30 non-paid volunteers committee members who are part-time and over 800 members attending the branches. We raised just under £2,000, last year, previously £1,000 and before that £500. This does not include events we raise for directly. In Total we have raised £5,400 and we want to continue the trend and double our giving and raise £4,000 and we need your help to reach this target.

The Position- Finance Director

This position is to help strengthen and build upon finical volunteer team. This is a vital position for our company as we endeavour to raise money for local charity whilst supporting the creation of new role play clubs in the UK.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Form a close working relationship with the Managing Director, other Senior Executives and Non Executives.
  • Provide leadership to the Board’s Finance and Accounting strategy.
  • To be responsible for the company’s accounting functions and deadlines.
  • Contribute to the development of company strategy across all areas of the business, challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and projects.
  • Ensure that company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth.
  • Lead and develop finance teams.
  • Work with senior teams to grow the business, formulating strategies and plans.
  • Ensure corporate budgeting processes are carried out and reviewed.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the company cash management policies.
  • Present annual accounts to the board.
  • Ensure that the regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met.
  • Corporate finance: manage company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity, disposals and acquisitions, as appropriate.
  • Establish a high level of credibility and manage strong working relationships with external parties including customers and advisors.
  • Be responsible for payments need to operate weekly running for local RP Haven clubs.

It would be a bonus if you also had:
– Legal experience
– Good knowledge of either tabletop role-playing games or board games

Qualifications and Skills

– Accountancy
– Exceptional verbal, copy and proofing skills
– Experience working with Volunteers.
– Attention to detail
– Strong organizational skills
– Computer literacy in word processing

This is a non-paid volunteer position.

Please email and attach a CV if you like to apply. Deadline is 30th August 2019.

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19 August, 2019

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