Edinburgh Branch Update #4

Greetings Edinburgh!

As some of you may have seen, we’ve made heady progress in securing The Mercat Bar and Kitchen to be the home of The Role Play Haven: Edinburgh and we’re excited to continue that journey. It’s a venue that’s at the heart of the community and is on a night that’s been chosen by you, the community.  The launch date is Wednesday 20th July 2022! And will be on  Wednesday each week.

However, this is where Bill and the team need to ask you as the community for help – they need GM’s, Storytellers, DM’s and Keepers to run games to help The Role Play Haven: Edinburgh to flourish.

Whether you want to run a one-shot table, shorter campaign, or a long-term campaign then we need you!  The Role Play Haven runs its games on a quarterly basis, which will begin in Edinburgh on 20th July 2022. For more information on the quarter dates, check out this link: https://rphaven.co.uk/games-quarters/

If you are interested in leading a group of intrepid adventurers as they plunder Waterdeep of its riches, boldly go where no-one has ever gone before or fathom the occult mysteries of Cthulhu then please take the time to reach out to Bill and the team!

All you will need to do is purchase a membership and sign up for an account at www.rphaven.co.uk and then email edinburgh@rphaven.co.uk or pop on over to Discord: https://discord.gg/ZSchfrJczG  and let the Edinburgh Branch team know and they will be more than happy to guide you through submitting your game, they’ll make sure that you are upgraded to a super-secret GM account and away you go!

Written By Scott Turner

Post Details:

5 July, 2022

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