Edinburgh Branch Update #2

It’s been a busy few months and as well as crunching the numbers, we’ve been sourcing venues and recruiting committee members. Digging deep into the Dungeons of the Mad Mage, we’ve been honing our skills to find you a committee that will lead Edinburgh branch into success.

We’re well on our way with Bill Heron donning his very own yellow shirt as Branch Manager. Bill is supported by Keith D in the role of Games Coordinator, leaving us with only one more intrepid committee member to find—a Member’s Representative.

We’re Looking for a Member Representative!

The main role of the Member’s Representative or “Member’s Rep” is to be the voice of the branch members.

They are an integral part of the branch committee and represent the members at each committee meeting. They take on board your feedback, whether positive or otherwise and assist the Head Members Rep in dealing with any complaints that may arise at the branch.

We’re looking for someone who wants to join the team to help lead the Edinburgh Branch in boldly going where no person has ever gone before!

We’re Looking for GMs, DMs, and Storytellers!

Whether you are a GM, DM, or Storyteller, the branch needs you to weave worlds of intrigue, majesty, mystery, and mayhem for the members. Whether you’re an experienced GM or someone looking to dip their toe in the water for the first time, have no fear!

Bill, Keith, and the branch team will be there to support you every step of the way. They can introduce you to a whole host of resources and give you the benefit of their vast experience when it comes to running games. They’ll also help you recruit players to get your game off the ground with a running start!

The Role Play Haven: Edinburgh Survey. The Results Are In!

With a mailing list of over 200 subscribers, we had a massive 104 respondents to the survey. As promised, here’s the data. There were a few suggestions for locations, and we’ve narrowed it down to a handful of promising venues. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the survey and suggest somewhere for your branch to set up its home.


Blue markers represent residences, while red shows a common destination like places of work, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, etc. of those of you who answered the survey. For obvious reasons, there’s not too much detail here but it gives you the general idea of how we consider our venue placement.

What is clear is the number of you are within a mile of the city centre. It’s there that RPH is looking to find a venue.

What night would you like to game on?

You, as a collective group of respondents to the survey, decided that Wednesday night was your best night to attend The Role Play Haven Edinburgh with Thursday and Friday coming in close behind.

If The Role Play Haven: Edinburgh was able to offer gaming nights on more than one night per week, would you like to attend?

The responses to this question (including multiple responses) were pretty conclusive—most of you would love to join us for multiple nights but felt that this would be something you’d like to do in the future.

We promote safe, fun, charity gaming, but it’s also important you feel safe in these COVID times. Please select when you feel it’s safe to return to face-to-face gaming.

The common response we had here was that most of you as a community felt now was the right time to return to face-to-face gaming. We’re working with these results and securing a venue for you so that we can get your branch open by the end of Q3 2022—sooner if we can!


Do you wish to lead your branch and help shape its future? Stand as a volunteer committee and making key decisions on how the branch is operated? Or simply you would like to know more information about what being a committee volunteer entails.

Please follow this link or email bill@rphaven.co.uk for more information: https://www.rphaven.co.uk/join-the-committee/

We look forward to gaming with you all soon and watch this space for an exciting announcement on the venue for The Role Play Haven: Edinburgh Branch!

Written By Scott Turner

Post Details:

24 May, 2022

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