Dragondaze 2018

In the west of this fair Isle lays a port, in lands of Y Ddraig Goch. Drawn by its siren call dragons flock to this port called new, not to hoard wealth but to share with those in need.

The Role Play Haven is excited to hit the road and journey west to Newport, Wales for Dragondaze, an amazing games convention and mini comic con who’s sole quest is to raise funds for UK Children Charities! The Role Play Haven will be there to promote our Role Together Charity and encourage gaming groups around the country to join as franchisees and support their local communities and charities.

Held on October 6th in the Newport Centre, come along for a great day of pick up board games, meet ups with TV and Movie stars as well as plenty of stalls to peruse and pick up your next favourite game.

Board games too tame? Enroll in the Dragondaze Space Force with the Starship Bridge Simulator. Or get your craft on and compete in the Best Cosplay Competition!

No matter what you do on the day everything will be going to children across the UK and raise future leaders, role models and (hopefully) gamers! 

Dragondaze Website

For further information on Dragondaze, please see their website


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13 July, 2018

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