Don’t be discordant – lets start a new discourse!

Delicate whispers descend in the dusk. Dancing from the darkness they only declare one thing: “dissssss… coooorrd…, dissssss… coooorrd…, dissssss… coooorrd…” 

The Role Play Haven is excited to announce a dedicated Discord server exclusively for the illustrious members of the RP Haven! With specific rooms for branches, game masters, members and more, the Discord server will be a perfect place for members to chat and role play. Explore new characters, discuss ongoing games, or communicate with members across our branches – the Discord server will bring a range of new opportunities to connect our members and bring them closer together. 

But that’s not all! The Discord server will also include news and content from the Role Play Haven, and as our members grow so too will the server! Want to be a part of this exciting new adventure? 

Join the server by click the link here

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19 July, 2019

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