COVID Guidelines at our Branches

Please see the below safety measures and procedures we will require you to adhere to, along with other changes of note. This is in line with our ongoing policy to help promote fun safe gaming within these difficult times.

Rules for All Branches (UK and Wales)

  • COVID-19 Declaration – “By visiting our branches you are confirming that neither you nor your respective household are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and are not within a quarantine period.” If you are unsure, visit the NHS website for further help.
  • NHS Covid App – Whilst there is no legal requirement to use this, we do strongly encourage our members to check in on arrival at club.
  • Hand Sanitiser – There will be hand sanitiser available at all branches upon entry.
  • Masks [Updated 3 Feb 2022] – Wearing face coverings is optional. Please be respectful to these around you, who may ask you to wear one.
  • Going Cashless & Paperless – We no longer be able to accept payment by cash. We will be scanning from your phone or a printout (which you take away to dispose of) of Game Session Tokens (GST) which you purchase from our website. This policy will be in place for the foreseeable future.
  • Cleaning – Each of our venues is committed to keeping everything clean and wiped down. Extra cleaning supplies have provided to each branch as well should these be needed.
  • Risk Assessments – Each of our branches have completed a separate risk assessment so there may be extra rules dependent on venue.
  • Be Respectful – We ask that everybody is respectful of their fellow gamer’s reasonable requests at the table such as not sharing dice or books if they are not comfortable with this.
  • Table Cap [Updated 7 Jan 2022] – All tables are capped at 6 players with no exception. This does not include the GM (organizer)

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18 December, 2021

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