Christmas Closing and Reopening Times

As winter comes upon our lands,
We must suspend our adventuring bands.
To release bad dice from their jail,
While heroes rest to stay healthy and hale.

But we’ll meet again very soon,
To spend our credits or gold doubloons.
To meet companions new and old,
To venture boldly, and have our stories told.

As the festive season fast approaches, our game masters and volunteers will be taking a much-needed break to rest and recharge for the New Year. Therefore, our branches will be closed from the 20th of December, with a new quarter starting from the 10th of January 2022. We hope to have all our branches meeting in person in the New Year and look forward to having a great range of games to sign up to and enjoy.

In preparation for the New Year, we have also set out the dates for Games Quarters in 2022.

Finally, from all of us at the Role Play Haven, we wish you a happy festive season, whatever you may celebrate, and wish you good times and good health into 2022!

Written By Ben Knox

Post Details:

13 December, 2021

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