Cardiff North Branch – Wales

We’re especially excited to be announcing Cardiff North Branch, which is the first to join our Role Together Franchise. 

Cardiff Branch has been very successful as one of Wales’s leading role play clubs for several years, and with a bit of RP Haven magic, they’re keen to start raising some delicious charity money.

Branch Details

Gaming Day: Every Wednesday
Times: 18:300 until 23:00
Weekly Average Games: 4
Games Libary: Yes

No food is provided by the venue. Please bring your own, but strictly no alcohol.

Disable Access: No
Parking: Yes
Age Restriction: 16+
Founded on: 17th May 2018 
Branch Members Charity: ​New charity being selected by the Branch Committee.

Cardiff North Branch Committee

  • ​Branch Manager: Jac
  • Games Coordinator: Ryan
  • Member Rep: James

For further information or to book a game, please contact and the committee will be able to help you further.

Please make sure you check Games Calender before attending or book in requests. 

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15 June, 2018

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