Cardiff Central Reopening

Cardiff Central Branch of Role Play Haven re-opens for face-to-face gaming sessions on Tuesday 28th September 2021! 

It’s been an arduous year all around, but finally, the end is in sight! We can dust off our dice, prepare our core rulebooks and character sheets and get ready for the return of actual, honest-to-goodness, face-to-face gaming!

The Team would like to invite you all to join us around the table once more as we embark on our latest adventures. Sharpen your swords, load your crossbows, charge those phasers, and make sure you have an expendable red shirt handy, because here we go! 

New Start, New Quarter, Slightly Different Committee, Same Venue,

The 28th of September marks the beginning of Q4 of the gaming calendar and our first returning face-to-face events. 

Not everything at The Role Play Haven: Cardiff Central is the same. Calum Ross, one of our extremely talented Members Reps, has stepped down from the branch committee. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Calum for all his help and support and wish him every success as he spends more time with his growing family.  

Whether you are a veteran or are new to our branch, we’re based at The Arcade Vaults. 

Anyone that would like to take a sneak-peek at the venue ahead of joining us for the first time can look at our video here. Alternatively, you can look at The Arcade Vaults website here.

For those of you that need it and aren’t familiar with the city centre, the address of The Arcade Vaults is 27-31 High Street Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BB and it is situated behind the Burger King near the Castle on St John Street. 

Our branch nights continue to be Tuesday night and Sunday night where we will be running from 6:30pm to 10:30pm BST/GMT and 04:00pm to 7:30pm BST/GMT respectively. The venue will be locked up at the end of this period. 

The Arcade Vaults provides a well-lit, heated, and ventilated space. There are toilets at the venue, and there is food and drink available. The Arcade Vaults offers a wide range of Noodles, Dumplings, Gyoza and Dim Sum for you to enjoy as well as a fully licensed bar and milkshake/soft drink list. 

RPH members present at The Arcade Vaults can also purchase TTRPG Dice and Core Rulebook/Sourcebooks and can now benefit from a 10% discount as part of the Discount Scheme.

As before, adventurers will still be allowed to bring their own food with them if they wish to, however we would encourage you to try the delights that The Arcade Vaults has to offer.  

There are tables and seats available to use and a whole host of available resources to help you enjoy your RPH club night in comfort and ease. 

As I’m sure you can appreciate, each venue has its own rules and regulations regarding reducing the spread of Covid-19. This involves a lot of meetings, rules, risk assessments and random catch ups to ensure that all our members and volunteers are kept safe whilst they game. 

New Games

We’re seeking to grow our pool of GM’s and are always seeking new games for GMs/DMs to run, whether in Q4 2021 or beyond into Q1 2022. To run a game at the RPH Cardiff: Central Branch you must be able to commit to the following:

  • Attending all sessions for the quarter at The Arcade Vaults (Cardiff City Centre) on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 10:30pm BST/GMT and/or Sunday evenings from 04:00pm to 07:30pm BST/GMT.
  • Be a current member of Role Play Haven and have an active membership through

If you feel you can commit to these or would like to find out more, then you can run a game at RPH Cardiff: Central Branch! 

To ask about registering a game, please email Scott Turner, the RPH Cardiff: Central Branch Manager, at:

Tim can also be reached on the RPH Discord channel or via our very own facebook group

Looking for inspiration for running a game? RPH is quite broad in scope in terms of games played. Everything from Fate to Dungeons & Dragons – 5th Edition is played by members and if you want to try something new, there have been a number of truly fantastic releases in the world of TTRPGs over the past 18 months including:

  • Dune: Adventures in the Imperium
  • Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: 4th Edition
  • Star Trek Adventures – The Klingon Empire
  • D&D 5th Ed – Candlekeep Mysteries
  • D&D 5th Ed – Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Written By Scott Turner

Post Details:

16 September, 2021

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