Cardiff Branch

The Role Play Haven are launching a new initiative: The Role Together Franchise! This scheme is designed to allow roleplayers around the country to join forces with The Role Play Haven, and work with us on our quest to support communities through role play.

We’re especially excited to be announcing Role Together at this time, as we’ve already had a club join us! One of the largest role play clubs in Wales, our newest addition to the Role Play Haven family has been rechristened as the Cardiff Branch. They’ve been very successful as one of Wales’s leading role play clubs for several years, and with a bit of RP Haven magic, they’re keen to start raising some delicious charity money.

The Cardiff Branch is made up of some exceptionally friendly roleplayers, and are eager to start some new adventures. They meet every Thursday, running in the evening from 18:30 to 2330, so if you’re in the Cardiff area be sure to come on down and join in. 

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18 June, 2018

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