Branches Opening Delayed and Membership Updates

Hello, all RP Haveners and friends!

As we come near our summer quarter, we are looking towards our last quarter of gaming for the year. It is with much deliberation, discussion, and planning we have decided to postpone all in-person game for another further quarter. This means our branches will continue to run online until our Christmas break in December.Due to COVID, all memberships will be extended and will now expire on 30th November. If you have received a membership renewal reminder from our website, please ignore it.
To extend your Membership, login and select “Edit Your Membership”, then under “Upgrade Membership” you will see the option to “Stay Safe”, Click on “Process Update”. You will then be asked to confirm your details. > Login > Membership > Edit Your Membership

We are committed to fun, safe, quality gaming, and we are eager to have in-person games running again when we can ensure we safely meet all our commitments.

I want to thank everyone for the support, volunteer time, and encouraging messaging. This is a difficult time for us all, and having an amazing community around you can make all the difference. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to email or get in contact with your branch’s member reps.Happy Adventuring and hope to see you online

Dave, Garry and Kat 

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15 September, 2020

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