Archway Branch Moves Venue

As many of you have noticed, this past Tuesday was our last night at the Geek Retreat. From the 4th of April, we will be gaming at the Big Red.

As the club is expanding, and the games running are more each quarter, we needed a larger venue. Barry and Sarah from the Big Red have been extremely helpful and accommodating with us. They will be providing desk lamps for our tables, and a large variety of drinks, and, since they do not yet have a kitchen, you will be allowed to bring your own food.

New Address: Big Red, 385 Holloway Road, London N7 0RY

We would like to thank the Geek Retreat, who welcomed us when we were reopening and trying to stand on our own legs; they have been incredibly helpful and allowed us to get gaming again.

For any further questions, please ask one of your Archway committee, and they will be happy to help you.

Safe gaming everyone!

Written By Federica Bertello

Post Details:

1 April, 2023

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