Archway and Hammersmith ABM

As you might have heard, Archway and Hammersmith branches both have an annual branch meeting (ABM) coming up in a few weeks’ time.

  • Archway Branch, 24th January 2023
  • Hammersmith Branch, 6th February 2023

All volunteers of the branch committee will be sworn in for the year. As we always say, the RP Haven would not be able to exist without your help, and this is your chance to stand as a committee to help us run and grow the club.

The committee is formed by 1 Branch Manager, 1 Games Coordinator and 2 Members Rep’s.

If you are interested in volunteering to make a difference, please submit the committee form via the button below.

Should a position be contested, with more than one person applying for it, the members will vote on the night.

All the positions are open for you to come forward and volunteer, but just as a heads up we will be looking for the following roles in particular as the current members are not standing

  • Games Coordinator in Archway

We are looking forward to see you there!!!

Written By Federica Bertello

Post Details:

18 January, 2023

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