Our Policy and Values


The following policies serve as guiding principles that reinforce our corporate values and core beliefs as The Role Play Haven.

Our Goal

“Our goal is to bring gaming to the community and the community to gaming, by building relationships between gamers and local charities to create fun, safe, charity gaming.”

– Our Mission

The Constitution

This is the promise to the members of how we will act in your interests; this is enforced by the Members of the Company and held accountable for the services we state that we will provide – members can login to view the Constitution via their Account on the next website update, for now, please request from your committee. .

The Code of Conduct

This has been established to ensure that the highest standard of behaviour is demonstrated by representatives, members and attendees of The Role Play Haven who participate in club activities, events and competitions.

Branch Committee

Each branch is run by an elected volunteer committee, which holds regular meetings. Any member can request a copy of your branch minutes by emailing your branch committee.ee.

Our GMs

All our GMs are approved before they are able to run their first game at any branch, regardless of their experience prior to attending the club. They also agreed to follow rules outlined in “The GM Guide” ensuring fun, safe, quality gaming.”


Annual membership is an important part of our community. This allows for you to book into games and it allows us to offer you discounts from some amazing retailers. This supports your branch, The Role Haven and local retailers.

Complaints and Feedback

We at The Role Play Haven are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy the time you spend with us. However, if you do encounter any problems or feel there is an issue that needs to be addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us to give us feedback. Also our member representatives are always available to support you on games night at individual branches.

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