A Little About Us

UK Games Expo 2019

Dragondaze 2018

LonCon 2014

Dragonmeet 2013

The Role Play Haven started as most RP groups tend to – we gathered at a friend’s house to play. As the number of interested people increased it became apparent that squeezing fifteen gamers around one table is something of a challenge. It was decided that a larger venue was needed, or the beloved ‘Wednesday Night Roleplay’, as it was known to members, would cease to be.


A handful of the players decided to set up the Role Play Haven at The Lewis Club, behind Lewisham Hospital. Since then it has grown over the years, to over one hundred enthusiastic members. We have six or more games running each Wednesday at Lewisham and a similar amount at our Stratford branch.


July, We set up as a Community Interest Company, allowing us to expand and raise money for charity, as well as provide a brilliant gaming experience.


September, we launched Stratford Branch in East London.


January, we launched Archway Branch in North London.

June, we launched The Role Together charity franchise

June, Cardiff role playing club joined us and became our first Role Together charity franchise. Now called Cardiff North Branch


June, second franchise branch was launched, called Cardiff Centre Branch

August, a small role playing club in Plymouth joined the franchise, becoming our third. They called Plymouth Branch


January, we launched Hammersmith Branch in West London.


March, COVID hit the world and we was forced to close the branches for most of the year. Crowdfund was launched and successful to help keep us continuing.

September, we celebrate 10 years of The Role Play Haven



September, after being closed for over a year due to government restrictions and making sure our member are safe from COVID, The Role Play Haven opens back up.


July, third franchise branch launches. This time in Edinburgh, Scotland.


December,  we receive the nomination for the Ian Livingstone Innovations in Games Award for the recognition of the tireless hard work of our volunteers.

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